4 Best Ways To Make Money With Your Website

If you’re thinking about starting a website or blog and you want to make money, then the first step in this journey you need a web hosting and website address (domain name) for your website. Selecting a domain might be tricky for the newbies because many companies offer domains at cheap rates for the first year. After the first year they charge high renewals to the users. So you need to read this an in-depth article Best Domain Registrars 2017 to find out the important information regarding 1st year prices, renewal rates along with freebies you’ll when you signup.

So, now you need web hosting from a reputable company with all the right features. Due to the wide range of choices it’s very difficult for the newbies to pick the best hosting provider. Some of the top choices for your hosting needs don’t cost very much money. You can get great hosting for under $100 per year or even cheaper, without an issue. For best hosting solution, you won’t have to worry as HostingSprout list out the best but cheap WordPress hosting providers on the basis of our long term experience.


There are different ways of earning money online. The well-known and trusted ways of earning are the Google Adsense, joining the affiliating programs to sell the other’s products or sell your own products. For all these means of earning the basic requirement is to setup a website.

After setting up the website, it’s the time to grab the information about the online ways of earning.

Best And Most Recommended Ways To Earn Money From Websites.

  1. Make Money Online With Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is a very popular way to take your website hosting & domain and turn it into profit is by starting a website with Google AdSense as the way to monetize the site. This program pays you for every click you generate on ads which you placed on your website. Many have cashed in by creating a network of websites. In this way of earning you just need to create a website publish your articles and get some traffic. After that apply for Google AdSense. When the Google approve your account, then you can place ads on your site. And that’s all.

You should know that hosting more than 3 or 4 Google AdSense website on the same shared web hosting account could hurt your websites and SEO. You may need more than one hosting account for a full network of websites for AdSense.

  1. Earn Money Via Affiliate Programs.

Affiliate programs come in a number of shapes and sizes. You can find a tons of affiliate programs on Commission Junction, ClickBank and other affiliate sites. Moreover if you did not find the affiliate program of any product at CJ or CB, then visit the website of that specific product and join from their. Earning by reviewing and advertising the other’s product is a great way to get paid for your work on the website. With excellent content, good SEO and plenty of visitors, you can cash in with affiliate products. Most affiliates will do one of a few things to create an income with this type of monetization.

They will add links in the content, write the product reviews, place banners on the website or even build a subscriber list. Of course, you will need website hosting and domain to make all this happen.


  1. Sell Your Own Products.

Selling your own products on your website is a best way to make a profit, if you have products to sell. However, this isn’t for everybody. This type of earning also known as e-commerce. A website is a great way to expand your business. Suppose you made some products at home and want to sale. With the help of website you did not need any physical existence of your shop.

Setting a website will increase your profits and help you to decrease the cost. Now a days it is very important to have some existence over the internet. So whether your business have physical existence or not you must maintain a website for potential growth.

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is one of the largest online product selling websites and most consumers trust them. You can user their reputation for your website to some extent. You just need to join their program. If you advertise products from the Amazon Affiliate Program, you will be sending visitors to a very trusted website and getting paid a commission for their purchase. For every new joiner they offer 6% commission and the percentage increases as you drive more sales. This is a very popular and most common way to make money online. An Amazon site network can be very lucrative.

You can use product reviews to convince visitors of the right product to buy in a specific category. This can allow you to profit largely and create a nice income. However, just like the Google AdSense sites, you will need multiple hosts if you build a large network of Amazon sites.

These are just a few trusted ways to make money online with website. However, there a lot of legit ways which you can use to make money online.

Don’t waste the time, become the owner of e-business and start you website today without thinking whether you have to try it or not.

If you need any help feel free to drop your questions below in the comments sections.