2017 is already proving to be an interesting year for technology, politics, and the economy. With a pending Spotify IPO at the epicenter of the digital music ecosystem, a periphery of under-the-radar music upstarts is ushering in an era of unprecedented music sharing, curation and consumption tools. Here are three of the top music companies poised to take off in the near future.


Trebel Music


M&M Media, based in Glendale, California, is a media-tech house started by entrepreneur Gary Mekikian in 2014; Trebel, its flagship service, launched in April 2016 as a mobile app that allows users to download a ton of free music and own it on their smartphone. The app offers music from a huge stable of pop and hip-hop stalwarts, such as Eminem, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Lady Gaga, as well as up-and-coming stars like Ariana Grande, Drake, Desiigner, and Shawn Mendes. Indie artists like Glass Animals and Local Natives are also peppered in their extensive catalogue that allows for literally unlimited downloads of free music.


The key differentiator, which has fueled the surging popularity of the app is the offline listening feature. For this no wi-fi and Bluetooth fluidity, Trebel consistently ranks in the top free music downloader searches on both the App Store and Google Play, and boasts impressive reviews, particularly for the offline listening feature. Other benefits users are fond of are the app’s minimal data and battery usage, and the fact that the app allows them to listen to their existing iTunes or Google Music library in one place.


For niche genres like punk, metal, and bluegrass, the Trebel collection feels a little more limited, but there are definitely a ton of artists to get for free. All the app asks is that you watch a video ad per song downloaded – which you can mute! You don’t need to buy anything, it’s all at no cost. The app also allows users to socialize a bit as well, which is always fun – you can like the songs, comment on them, and build playlists. Hoping a share function is in the works for future versions, but this company is on a good trajectory with a lot of room for growth.


Visit http://trebel.io/ or click the Download links below.

Trebel on the App Store

Trebel on Google Play (beta)




Targeting the Musical.ly audience is Los-Angeles based Shimmur, a new app that blends social media and content in a cool new way. Shimmur is getting a ton of traction among millennials for its YouTube-celebrity nature. The difference is that on Shimmur, instead of one personality featured in all of the content and fans only commenting, the fans are the content creators, and they publish to “Tribes,” which are basically Google+ Circles centered around a specific celebrity or influencer. The influencers are popular Musical.ly curators so we could be seeing a new collaborative digital space emerging, continuing to blur the line between audience and artist, and consumer and creator.


Visit Shimmur’s Official Website




Pacemaker is a pretty cool social music app that is built off of Spotify. Also available with offline listening, Pacemaker allows users to create mixes of their favorite music for any situation, and then share those mixes with friends and followers. In a way it’s a bit of SoundCloud mixed with PureVolume or Bandcamp. The app has a very cool UI with the menus and controls integrated into a single layout. Many DJ apps are relatively obtuse to learn, requiring users to upload their own music; that’s where Pacemaker breaks the mold. These guys scored a coup partnership with fellow Swedes Spotify, allowing users to choose from Spotify’s vast music library. Pacemaker is incredibly easy to use, and I’m not even an experienced DJ, but it basically teaches you what to do as you’re doing it. This might be annoying to seasoned DJs, but if you’re super experienced, you probably want to use something more complex anyway; so for the layperson, Pacemaker should be plenty for your playlist-building and block-rocking needs. Who knows? You might even see a DJ rocking Pacemaker at your next neighborhood dance party or underground rave.


Visit Pacemaker’s Official Website