Avast 2017 Is Out – Our First Impressions – Avast Activation Code

Avast Activation Code

Avast is back in 2017 edition . Always free , always effective, always light, the protection that has more than 230 million active users worldwide is fighting to preserve its relevance in a universe where Windows 10 displays a standard of protection often deemed sufficient.


Of all the security publishers, Avast is probably the one who plays the card with the most sincerity. All the protection shields are available as of the “Free” version. Only a few very advanced or very optional features are reserved for paid versions.

With its “2017” version, available today, Avast remains faithful to its philosophy.


A Password Manager.

The main novelty of this version is Passwords and, as the name suggests, offers to memorize and manage your passwords in a secure way, just like a LastPass. The main quality of Passwords is to be multiplatform . The saved credentials are synchronized with your mobile devices , Avast Activation Code or Passwords being also available as App for Android and iOS .

This password manager is not very original and differentiating, even if one appreciates its function which allows to import all the passwords that you had memorized (in a very insecure way) in your web browsers, As well as an automatic generation of strong passwords. Avast Activation Code integrates directly into the browser. It is compatible with IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and will be with Microsoft Edge as soon as the support of the extensions in 2017.

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Avast Online Security.

For some years, Avast has been looking for the right formula to inform the user about the possible danger of the site he wants to access. Avast Activation Code Online Security is the umpteenth variant of what was once Avast WebRep. When a site is displayed, the Avast icon in your browser changes color to green, yellow, or red depending on whether the site is more or less risky. By clicking on this icon, an informative bubble specifies the risks (presence of an advertising tracking, malicious codes, phishing, a risk of spam, etc.). The collaborative aspect of the module of previous editions is preserved since each one can indicate whether he likes the user experience of the page consulted.


A Home Network Under Surveillance.

Avast 2017 introduced an original network analysis module. Its purpose : to scan the network and its router (Box Internet) and to find configuration errors and vulnerabilities. The module was however very basic.

The 2017 version extends the capabilities of this analyzer . Now it detects a dozen or so additional vulnerabilities in the router, but also printers, NAS, smartphones and tablets connected to the home network.


A Renovated Interface.

As we pointed out last year , the inflation of the number of shields and additional modules had overloaded the user interface and made it lose its readability.

Avast has once again upset its user interface to simplify it and better arrange the tools between 4 tabs  : Scan, Tools, Passwords and Shop. It is clearer, more immediate, but this interface, at first stripped naked, will disturb the user accustomed to Avast for several years. Good news for expert users, screens of the advanced options have very little evolved which allows to quickly regain his favorite settings.

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