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Bicycle Types – How To Pick The Best Bike For You

Before purchasing a new bike from the store, cl­ever customers should ask a series of questions from themselves. Starting with their companion on this trip, one should always go for a bicycle which his or her friends have been using these days. Secondly, the potential purchaser should have a look at their personal preferences. If they weren’t comfortable with a particular feature of their previous bike, they should never make that mistake again in the newest purchase.

Lastly, consider where you are going to ride that bicycle as this factor is going to play a key role in this purchase. In the past few decades, bike manufacturers have come up with a series of new models, each of whom targets a specific riding surface. From the grassy outfield to a solid terrain, every type of surface requires a bicycle with different characteristics. And if you’re wondering that type of bicycle suits your needs in a perfect manner, the below-mentioned guide will be of great help.


Road Bikes

A traditional form of bicycle, road bikes are ideal for usage on smooth surfaces. Incorporating a rather simple structure, a major feature of this vehicle is its thin tires. Such a construction enables to it run faster on the paved terrains as the user doesn’t have to exert a large amount of force in order to drive this bicycle. In addition to that, these bikes are lighter in weight as compared to the majority of their counterparts in today’s market. And if you’re a budget oriented customer, top 10 Best Cheap Road Bikes are there for you.

Depending on their construction, road bikes are generally available in different categories.


Cyclocross Bikes

Apart from the conventional road bicycle, there is the cyclocross vehicle. As evident from its name, it is developed to be ridden on a mixture of terrains. Such type of usage is made possible by the flat tires along with a rather different brake system. These bikes are versatile, durable and can also carry some load from one place to the other.


Touring Bicycle

In order to compensate a rider which uses his or her bicycle for touring purposes, developers have come up with this version. With a comfortable design allowing the users to sit straight, it saves the rider from suffering back pain. And when these bicycles are used for long tours, it can carry a greater amount of load as compared to the Cyclocross bikes.

Flat-Bar Road Bicycles

For customers who simply hate the idea of having a drop-handlebar in their favorite bike, the flat-bar road bicycle provides a convenient alternative. Their tires are generally similar to that of a road bike, however, some of them also come up with a flatter version of tires. So in addition to their usage on a smooth roadway, one can also ride it on the dirt tracks.


Track Bicycles

Specially designed to be ridden on the racing surfaces, these are the types of bikes being used by the professionals on the velodrome. As per its construction, this bike consists of just a single gear. So in order to move them, your feet has to do a considerable amount of work. So if you’re a professional looking to buy a new bicycle for his next competition, have a look at these Top 10 Best Fixed Gear Bikes.


Mountain Bikes

For the users who won’t ride their bicycle anywhere away from the dirt trails, Mountain bikes present a real feasible solution. Having the ideal construction to withstand the harshness of roughtracks, there is an additional option available in the form of shock absorbance.

As per this system, customers can either go for a bike without it, one with the front end suspension and the last one with both front and rear end suspension. And if there is a user interested in riding them on smooth terrains, he or she can do it with a minor adjustment. However, they won’t work as well on the smooth surfaces as compared to the likes of traditional road bikes.


Hybrid Bikes

Having the best of both the words, theHybrid bike is the best example of a crossover bike. When users can ride it in a flawless manner on paved tracks, same is the case on dirt-laden trails. As a result, their tires are nor too thin (like road bikes) neither too wide (like mountain bikes). So having medium sized tires, Hybrid has catalyzed a real revolution in the fields of bicycles.


Final Verdict

When it comes to picking the best bike for you, the deciding factor should be the surface on which you are going to ride that bike on a consistent basis. Because no matter how good a mountain bike looks in your nearest retail store, it is of no avail as long as you’re riding it on a smooth terrain. So be crystal clear with your preferences and only then you will be able to make a decent purchase.

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