Best Cooling Pillow Buying Guide – Control Temperature Pillow

Content Review “Once on a cool night” I love this pillow. After spending much night turning my pillow, I can finally sleep quiet. My family is very impressed with them, so I guess their pillows get for Christmas. Thank you Sharper Image for something that works. Best Pillow You Can Buy This is the third pillow I’ve bought. The other two were “borrowed” and never came back. My father has one, under his feet. He has several health problems, including edema in his feet. This pillow is soft, comfortable and keeps it cool. The other went to my puppy.


He took a nap on it and now will not give up. Keep my head cool all night pillow Best cooling I possessed. Well worth the money because it works. Sleep on now! People with MCS would like the faint odor. Also for those who go through menopause and sleep too hot. I like this! I bought this pillow because I woke up several times because my head was hot. I had an comfort pillow that I bought with the expectations of it remaining cool, but this pillow gets hot fast. This pillow stays fresh longer. I wake up more because my head is hot.


The pillow where your head is can get lukewarm but just go back. The pillow gives me much better sleep. Bonus – the thickness of the pillow is perfect for the back or sleeping on the side. Thank you! I used to wake up at night soaked in sweat, which really made my wife happy. I laugh. I’ve always heard that if you keep your head warm / cold, your body will follow. I thought maybe if I could keep my head from getting too hot my body would also be at a comfortable temperature. Good. it worked! So far, at least, and I really think this pillow helps. Thanks Sharper! Night Sleep Without Sweat-! This is the best pillow I have ever owned. If you suffer from night sweats, you will love this pillow! It allows you to stay cooler than you’ve ever been. This new technology fiber keeps the pillow at a controlled temperature so you keep it comfortable, and there is no thermostat! I do not know how it does, I just know it does. I do not know how a thermos bottle keeps things hot and cold cold things either, but it does! The price could be a bit high for some people to pay for a pillow, but I think it is well worth the investment.


Best Cooling Pillow This is a perfect gift for my sons and wives No More Sweaty Pillow This is a good pillow, it does not stay cooler to my touch but I noticed that I wake up more with the hair wet. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to turn my pillow over so much that it would feel cool, but that’s not the cause. However, it must be cooler than I wake up more sweaty with wet hair. I would like to buy this product again! I bought the Best Cooling Pillow as a Christmas gift for my brother. He arrived on time and well packaged. By the time I felt this pillow, I knew that I had made a good decision when choosing. It was cold to the touch on both sides and the fabric felt very good and was of good quality! It came with a pillowcase to protect it too! He’ll love this pillow. No more turning pillows over the night. I will definitely buy more of them! Too Hot to Sleep My husband is a person who gets extremely overheated when he sleeps, wakes up the cough and red he has by topical way to get up to refresh.


It does not get up close as often, it can actually get a good night’s sleep more often. Thank you not so cool It does not do what they say. It is cooler. I’ll go back to my old regular pillow. Perfect sleep pillow I tried a lot of pillows and this is the most comfortable I have had. Great comfort. I highly recommend this pillow I was disappointed when I opened the pillow as it felt a bit fragile and flat. After trying it out, I am very impressed with how it worked. I did not wake up all night to return my pillow. I would like it to be a firmer bit of bits; However, I am glad he keeps my head cold during the night. High Quality Pillow My husband received this pillow as a gift and feels like it’s the best pillow it has ever slept on! Since used, He did not comment once too hot while you sleeping.Thank to offer such a unique object! Great pillow I really like this pillow. I’m no longer waking up with a sweaty head. Although the pillow does not heat up slightly where I sleep, I can move around to find a cool place. It is slightly thicker than I normally like, but very comfortable. Love this pillow big pillow, rest on the cool side, I would buy this again. Highly recommend. One of the best pillows I have ever used. Finally. A pillow to love! This pillow is both soft, and keeps it shaped all night long. Something I’ve been looking for as long as I can remember. The advertised functionality of regulating the temperature of your head seemed dubious to me, But I used to wake sometimes literal sweat, and stopped.


A nice bonus was the fitted cover included. I wish I had found this pillow 20 years ago. I’d be 5 years younger today! Great now, but time will tell The pillow was a pleasant surprise. Cooling effects work much better than expected. However, I am a little worried about the pillow going flat in a short period of time. I give this thing a year max before if needs to be replaced. Will be interesting to see how the manufacturer stands behind their product and warranty. BEST PILLOW EVER! If you want the best nights sleep you’ve ever had, buy this pillow. Good quality materials and comfort. I hesitated at first because of the price, as it was a “gift” to myself. It’s worth every penny, and I deserve a second. Thank you Sharper Image, your products are the best; Excellent service and fast shipping continues to bring me back. Not as advertised! I’m so disappointed in this pillow. It gets warmer than the temperature control step I had before. Very expensive for a pillow that does not work what it was advertised to do. Very cool the expensive touch, but it works, worth every penny A very good pillow! Wanted this pill! Ow worked. That done! I do not need to change her pillowcases every morning and air dry her pillow! It’s incredible. I’m getting another 4 of the cottage. It’s good. Nothing wrong, he does what his supposed to do. Good product! Impressive Pillow Wasnt sure of this pillow because I bought others who did the same. Stay cool without returning the pillow, but after only one night, it is true, I did not have to keep leafing through my pillow at the cool place. I bought two, one for me and one for my husband, he said he did not want to, but I told him to try, he said he was the biggest pillow he had In a long time, a great support and very comfortable. Excellent investment. Better sleep I have difficulty sleeping because I am hot, then cold, then hot, then cold. Pass and all night. Getting cold is easy, just use a blanket.


But the hot is more difficult. This pillow is nice for a minute, but its temperature is like any other. I try to move my head to find a colder place, but I end up with my face on the very corners of the pillow which is not great. I even feel like once the pillow is heated from my body heat, the heat gets hotter than a normal pillow. It is not great. This is better than nothing though. And the pillow itself is very comfortable, soft and smooth. I do like this first moment that I pose to him, it is nice and fresh. When I wake up at night, I suggest my head to a cold spot if I can find one and hope to go back to sleep before the place warms up. It works well for me. Not great, but just ok. My pillow is fantastic. My pillow is fantastic. I have a problem with my head getting too hot during sleep. With this pillow & pillow case, I sleep much better. “Very COOL Pillow” Purchased pillow for its cooling properties for the nights of sweat head. So far, so good. Pillow is very comfortable and stays cold all night. Great purchase! Best ever Pillow. Have been looking for a quality pillow that has a filling and resilient construction quality. This corresponds to the bill perfectly. Cool and soft This pillow was soft and cold to the touch. Works wonders to fall asleep on but not all be to keep cool. I recommend it as it works like incredible advertising pillow This pillow is amazing. It is so comfortable and the height of its description to keep the freshness definitely. Highly recommended. Did not meet the expectation that I bought the pillow because it promised to stay cool overnight. I did not notice any difference between this pillow and the other pillows I have. I always turn the pillow over several times during the night to find a cool side. Only fresh at first, I was glad to get this as a Christmas gift. When I put my head down, it is wonderfully cool and comfortable. But, during the night, it warms up and moving my head does not bring a cooling. Its even hot on the back, so I can not roll on. Its a comfortable pillow, but does not help my heat problem. Comfortable Pillow It really keeps a constant temperature. No need to return more pillows. Best Sleep Nights Ever! Because the pillow maintains a constant temperature you get a more restful night’s sleep not looking for the cool place. On top of that its squeezable squishable and yet bounces in the morning for a perfectly made bed. Cant beaten with a ladies stick! Finally! Finally! A cooling cushion that delivers! No more waking up in the middle of the night with a sweaty head and neck. The pillow remains fresh while offering exceptional support & comfort.


The pillowcase included is a little tight for the pillow actually a little puffy & a little firmer. I unpacked the case that allows the pillow to become a bit softer or you can use a standard pillowcase, but the case is included stain-resistant – so you choose according to would best suit your needs. I’m going to buy more. Awesome product This pillow was a gift request from my son. He was completely satisfied with this pillow and I no longer hear the complaints of being hot at night. The package also arrived within 3 days of purchase after giving the delivery week once. Great experience with the product and the company! Perfect for a cool head while sleeping! I’ve been looking for a pillow that will keep me comfortable and cool throughout the night. Sharper Image produced one! No more than I wake up with a warm head. The temperature seems to acclimatize and stay right. It comes with a pillowcase and a nice bag for storage.