The High Chair? Essential To Install Baby

as soon as he begins to devour his first meals as adults. Discover our selection quickly.
Baby is sitting properly (around 6 months old) begins to take his first real meals? You need a high chair to install comfortably. Evolutive, with or without tray, foldable … the high chairs are not lacking to satisfy the desires of the parents and the needs of Baby. And welcome him safely, of course!

Tips on choosing your high chair

Guarantee of safety and comfort, we make sure that the best high chair of our choice meets the safety standards in force, that is to say NF En 14988-1. To install it, we forget the homemade hacks, we always ride a best high chair by scrupulously following the instructions of the manufacturer. Whether you choose a scalable high chair or an ergonomic high chair made of wood or a simpler high chair, a high chair must be very stable and sturdy. Both of these qualities are necessary to resist your baby’s wriggling and moving your high chair around the house. Foldable best high chair sare practical especially if you lack space in your home. And equipped with wheels with brakes, it is a real plus to move without trouble. If you often go on a weekend with the family, a highchair that can be transformed into a chair booster , with removable feet, will be able to follow you everywhere. The chair of the high chair will receive daily pieces of meat, bits of carrots that will not find their way to the mouth of Baby, better that it is easy to clean with a sponge. The tray / tablet of the best high chair is also put to the test during meals!

Safety question, it is better to choose a chair with a harness and / or a leg integrated into the crotch so that baby remains seated and avoids slipping under the shelf. The harness must be well adjusted to the child to play its protective role. And in any case, you never leave a child in his chair unattended.