I Saw ANY Star Trek And I Can Tell You Which Series

and which movie are the best star trek movie

Mission: Explore new episodes, venture where (almost) no fan has ever gone.

In the second episode of the seventh season of the fourth TV series Star Trek, Icheb, a teenager extraterrestrial living aboard a Federation ship for several months after being pulled from the clutches of the Borg, asks in a sob: ” N is not what people do on this ship: helping each other? ”

This is an episode of one of the worst declinations of the series, but the analysis of the situation offered by this isolated and impressionable young man had the merit of bringing some clarity to the entire project. Star Trek is a significant work: five television series, representing in all several hundreds of episodes, to which must be added 11 films (so far) and countless novels, comics and other licensed products.

Even by confining myself to television series and movies, it is an astronomical amount of images to visualize. However,best star trek movie¬† poor Icheb pinpointed something by begging Captain Kathryn Janeway and the ship’s holographic doctor to let him undergo a dangerous medical operation that could save another ex-Borg from the ship, which was once his mentor.

They accept because he is right: people really help each other on Voyager , just as they already helped each other on the Enterprise , on Deep Space Nine and on the other vessels of the Federation.

Starfleet officers help people. God bless them.

Fans often say that, more than just a sci-fi series, Star Trek is above all a deep exploration of the human condition. And it is true that in the midst of all these Vulcans, androids, holograms and metamorphs, it is a real theme of the series.

However, Star Trek has a very particular approach to the human condition since, to believe the saga, it consists largely of participating in a continuous project of building a utopian society. Although most of Star Trek was produced in the 1990s, the franchise never departed from the optimistic spirit of the time of its launch in the mid-1960s. It’s an important part of which is the charm of Star Trek.

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Nicholas Meyer, author and director of the best Star Trek movies, once wrote that ” at worst, best star trek movie embodies a conservative vision of the future, trendy plaid golf pants, in which the White Man, the Traditional American values and gunboat diplomacy still prevail (despite some efforts for form) . It may be true … but in the worst moments of the series only. At its best, the original series shows, not an arrogance in golf pants, but the optimism of the Thirties Glorious.

It seems rather unfair to relegate the multiculturalism of Captain Kirk’s crew to the rank of “effort for form”, given that this same crew was at the controls of the Enterprise at a time when racial segregation was a question that still divided the population in the United States.

Incarnated by Nichelle Nichols, Lieutenant Uhura is a black woman whose name means “freedom” in Swahili. She was an officer aboard the Enterprise at a time when (on land, I mean) there was no female astronaut or even officer in the army and where the black characters on television were more often servants than servants. something else.

The presence of Pavel Chekov, a proud Russian patriot in charge of navigation, is equally surprising given the political context of the time. The series forced the audience to imagine a possible amicable resolution to the Cold War.

More importantly, than these pinches of diversity, we must remember the very nature of Captain Kirk’s five-year mission: ” Explore new strange worlds, discover new lives, new civilizations and, in defiance of danger, advance to the unknown ” [1] .

The formula has become too famous today not to sound a little cliché, but it is quite amazing, if you think about it. The Federation, for which our beloved crew works, is engaged in a kind of cold war with the Klingon Empire. Nevertheless, his most important ship is not a military building and he has no definite political agenda to follow.

Kirk establishes diplomatic relations with new species by attempting to play a constructive role in the galaxy. He is not there to open new markets for the products of the Federation, nor to take sides for either side in local wars. The “American values” that triumph in the best star trek movie universe are those that united progressives before the Vietnam War, riots in major US cities and the scandal of Watergate.

And if the messages of peace, progress, and tolerance may seem a little nunuch today, I sometimes think that these are not bad ideas.

Admittedly, if you look at it just like television, the starting series is a bit feeble (45-year-old television series that are aging well are not legion). The continuity is poor, the decor is cheap and the game players a little windy. Commercial failure, the series stopped after three seasons. However, she saw the day again in the cinema, first with Star Trek, the movie , which was very dispensable (really), but earned enough money to develop an excellent suite, then two more very correct.

The movies clearly showed that a bigger budget and better special effects could make a big difference. Thanks to a make-up worthy of the name (instead of ridiculous hairpieces), the Klingons new look represented a huge step forward. Star Trek 2 took the best villain of the original series and the fun best star trek movie IV showed that the iconic political tone of the saga could be put to the taste of the 1980s (Kirk and his team go to the end of the twentieth century in order to prevent a disaster following the extinction of whales).

Having proven to Paramount that there was a lucrative market for a quality Star Trek, the studio embarked on the production of one of the best versions of the franchise: Star Trek: The New Generation.