Best Wood Router Reviews 2017 – Buying Guide

Routers are essentially tools used for cutting and shaping wood for utility and decorative purposes. They have a cutter that rotates at high speed and removes the wood in their path. Imagine a thread cutting self tapping screw if you may! A router does similar work but on a bigger scale! It is like a really sharp knife with its blade spinning very fast! In this article we attempt to give you wood router reviews to guide you in choosing the best wood router for your needs and you can Read More down here about choosing the best wood router.


Dewalt DWP611PK – Compact & Trim, Good For Small Jobs & Beginners!

This is fixed/plunge combo kit seems to be a good deal! Switching between the bases is a breeze! Being light it is easy to carry around. It is good for small projects and trimming work. Its highlights are the LED lights and impressive micro depth adjustment. This has prompted many Bosch Colt fans to switch over to this router!

It is however not without some setbacks like –

It can work only with 1/5 inch collar router bits, making you handicapped if you want to work with larger bits.

Some find the on/off switch inconveniently located.


Bosch 1618EVSPK – Buy If You Are A Bosch Fan But Beware Of The Switch Issue!

This kit comes with a good carrying case having compartments for carrying bits of both shank sizes. It also comes with an edge guide, a valuable aide! Unlike other routers this one comes with a long chord. It does its job quietly and does not vibrate. Wow…isn’t that something when it comes to a router? A highlight of this kit is that the depth adjustment stays the same and hence no readjustment is needed every time you switch a base! Saves you time!


Porter-Cable 691LR – Your Best ‘First Router’ & A lifelong Buddy!

The Porter-Cable 691LR is a fixed base router. The ‘LR’ refers to Lever Release quick adjustment feature. It is very durable and will serve you till you get tired of it! The fact that it does not come with variable speed control should not bother you much because it is compatible with a router speed control device! It is uncomplicated and easy to use. The collet is industrial

quality and very good. Most users opine that it is one of the best handheld routers out there.


DeWalt DW617PK Combo Kit – Best Single Speed Router And A Value For Money!

This is another DeWalt combo that looks good. Not only is switching between the bases is easy, moreover adjusting the depth is trouble-free and almost intuitive with this kit! It is sturdy. The plunge base is very smooth and it has a multi-step turret stop. DeWalt seems to have vowed to overcome the common Porter Cable complaints and offers.

  • Removable Power Cord.
  • Spindle lock and 2 wrench for adjustment.
  • Through the column dust collection feature and a switch dust sealed for durability. Way to Go!


Skil 1831  – No Frills, No Accessories Combo!

This is a combo kit from SKIL. The bases are the best features of this kit and are made of solid aluminium making the router sturdy! No wobbling, no toppling over! The bases have knob handles, fine and coarse height adjustments. Quick release clamp makes switching the bases uncomplicated. The handle grips are of ergonomic design. LED lights shine through your work making it easier! No jerk, no kick back because of soft start feature.


Milwaukee 5617-22 – Revolutionary Design Router That Puts

Most Contemporaries To Shame!

Milwaukee is a trusted name in router industry! It has come up with a fixed router with two striking features namely, Body Grip design and Exclusive Linear Depth Adjustment System. The Body Grip design enables both left and right-handed operation because of an adjustable hand strap and also ensures superior comfort, mano euvr ability and control due to the two over-moulded palm-grip handles on the side! T he exclusive feature of linear adjustment of depth includes a big, steel motor lock lever as well as a threaded screw with greater durability. Also it is designed so that the switch and cord remain in the same optimal location. The facts that it is possible to micro adjust the router without having to disassemble it from the table, makes it easy to use with router tables.


Hitachi M14VC – The Silent Router! Yup You Read It Right!

Any seasoned woodworker would rubbish my statement as no router is silent and they are natural screamers! But Hitachi has come up with a wood router with a class leading noise level, only 80.7 dB This is guaranteed to give you a quieter workshop and you might even be able to listen to that radio! Comes with the soft start feature and is light and easy to manoeuvre. The convenient carrying case and the long chord are added bonuses. It decently handles all tasks thrown at lower speeds.