A Tinted Glazed Window –

The tinted glass window is a model that is particularly suitable for those who want a certain intimacy in the room or who want to reduce the inner light. Two main alternatives are available when choosing this type of glass: the installation of commercial window tinting houston film or the purchase of tinted glazing during its manufacture.

Options for tinted glazing

On one side, we find the film, usually polyester, which is applied to the glazing. This can be fixed on the inner or outer side of it. It can be a window, a port e but also a bay window overlooking the outside. On the other hand, there is the glass that has been previously tinted. The coloring is then an integral part of the glass manufacturing process.

Tinted glass: the specificities of the film

The film is the most frequently chosen option for commercial window tinting houston. The most commonly used model is the non-reflective film which can be colored or clear. The clear version has the same efficiency to protect from the sun but the interior of the house is visible from the outside. This must be taken into account at the time of the decision.

For its part, the reflective film or solar film contributes to the insulation of the interior to the extent that it does not filter the heat. Even if the temperature is very high or very low outside, the rooms stay cool because the glass systematically deflects heat or coolness to the outside. This type of film prevents ultraviolet rays from making their way and, in bright sunlight, the eyes are not dazzled. In addition, there is a decrease in the discoloration phenomenon: furniture and other items close to the window do not tarnish prematurely.

It is interesting to note that the film can contribute to the security of a home. There are fire models that have the ability to reduce the risk that the glass will break into pieces if a fire breaks out. They resist bursting for a few minutes.

The pacifying window

This type of window has a glazing that can be stained on demand. Specifically, the tinted window can darken and light up as needed. This is possible thanks to its liquid crystal film. When a need for intimacy is felt, simply turn off the device. The change takes place immediately and there is no need to install blinds or curtains. Moreover, the pacifying window always lets light in, even in “opaque” mode. This is probably the most expensive alternative.

Ultimately, the choice of the specificities of a commercial window tinting houston window depends on the objectives, preferences and budget of each.

Single glazed window: ideal indoors

Currently, we rarely encounter single glazed windows outdoors. Consisting of a single window, it offers insufficient thermal insulation to provide optimum comfort in indoor spaces. His pose is therefore strongly discouraged at the front of a house. To obtain a good insulation with the simple glazing, the installation of a super-glazing is necessary. This is not always possible, however, because the quality of the joinery and the strength of the existing frame must be taken into account.

Nevertheless, the simple glazing is still very present in the interior spaces. He dresses showcases, shower doors or even glass doors.

The benefits of single glazing

The first advantage of single glazing is its price which is significantly lower compared to other models on the market. And in terms of price, we must also consider the prices of materials that make up the window. Between wood, aluminum or PVC, the bill can easily vary from single to double.

Indoors, simple glazing presents a host of benefits. It offers a beautiful light and operates the most beautiful effect in terms of interior decoration. To emphasize that it can be embellished with different reasons. And the choice is also wide in terms of textures and colors. Everyone can express their creativity and personalize their interior as they see fit.

In addition to the aesthetic dimension, the single glazing is available in several thicknesses, ranging from the thinnest to the thickest (about ten millimeters). The greater the thickness, the more resistant the glass. It is even more so when it is a tempered glass : its resistance can be up to 5 times greater compared to a conventional glazing. And to contribute to safety, there is the laminated glass that helps fight against break-in and is proving to be the most resistant to a fire.

The simple glazing can display excellent qualities in terms of sound insulation, all depends on the thickness of the glass. There are also specially treated double glazing units that combine sound and heat performance.

In short, simple glazing is a device that is not recommended for outdoor use but its applications are numerous and interesting to decorate an interior space.