What changes Jade has to make in her career to reclaim the TNA knockouts championship independently

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Jade was born on April 16th, 1989 and made her wrestling debut in 2009. She is a professional wrestler (Korean) and currently signed and working with TNA. When you talk about women’s division in the roster she is the only women who comes in mind first because she is very talented athlete who comes all the way from Japan and many other foreign wrestling like watch wrestling organizations in order seek a successful career. Ever since she made her roster debut Jade has dominated every female wrestler and proved that the way she can wrestler no one can which is good thing. You have to work hard and try to make a name for yourself so you could get the recognition you deserve. There is no denying that everyone has a place no matter you are from your own place or from other country and she is the perfect example of it. Every female in the roster respects her and see a great future in her.

  • What she has accomplished in her career so far individually?

1) She is two time TNA knockouts champion

2) Three times Shine tag team champion (with Lava Bates)

3) Onetime WSU champion

  • How she started her early career?

She started her wrestling career in her childhood in so many wrestling high schools at the age of 18 she made her first independent match debut in (JAPW) and from that point on she never have looked back and only reached on top.

  • Which are the other wrestling factions she has competed in?

There are so many wrestling factions that she has competed in but only few of them were able to given her the right recognition such as, (ROH), (CZW), (SWA), (WSU), and much more shine wrestling here: http://watchwrestling.bid/sports/wwe-raw

  • What sort of changes she needs to make in her career to become the champion again?

Nowadays, she has made an alliance with several female wrestlers and group non as the dollhouse but it looks like no matter how many attempts she try to become a champion all got involved in it and chaos comes. So, she needs to separate from her group and only focus on becoming champion as individual.

  • Why fans loved her so much?

Fans certainly know her from the beginning of her career and support her the way she entertains them with incredible wrestling moves. It seems her popularity will increase more very soon.

  • What about her present state in the company?

After losing the TNA knockouts championship from Sienna she now looks to reclaim it in upcoming weekly impact shows.