Rent A Car On Vacation: Mistakes Not To Commit

Often a vital step in the holidays, car rental allows you to enjoy an undeniable freedom of movement. But faced with the string of offers on the market, how not to be wrong? There are many things to watch for. If we went around it together?

car rental

1 / Choose a car at random

cheap rent a car a car may seem simple at first. Yes but here it is: selecting a random template can quickly generate additional costs or organizational problems if it does not really suit you.

To find the ideal vehicle, consider the following criteria:

The number of kilometers to go. Travel around the country or simply in the intramural capital? In the latter case, a diesel may be less appropriate.

The number of participants in the trip. Do you travel with your family? Children? From this will depend the optimal surface of the vehicle. Comfort on vacation is essential!

The cost of maintenance and gasoline of the vehicle in use cheap car rental Depending on your priorities, it may be wise to rent a car cheaper but less convenient. Up to you. In any case, these additional costs should not be neglected.

2 / Do not compare offers

This point is of course consistent with the previous one. In terms of offers, you are spoiled for choice. In agency or on the web, you will have to make a reasoned choice.

If the price of renting a car is much cheaper in some countries cheap rent a car, it is also cheaper between car rental companies. The initial price can strongly from one company to another. And at this initial price, it will often be necessary to add additional costs such as a mileage. Some renters apply for example an average of 0.5 € per kilometer exceeded. It can quickly increase the bill of the initial low cost offer. All these criteria must therefore come into focus when choosing a renter.

In addition to the price, comparing offers and asking questions to the renters will give you a good indication of the seriousness of these agencies and on which you turn priority. The relationship of trust is important!

3 / Do not read the rental agreement

Most renters are honest and will inform you of any special clause in the contract. Nevertheless, an oversight is quickly arrived! To make sure you do not get helpless in case of an exceptional situation, quickly go through the rental agreement before signing it, including the fine print. In this way, you will not have a bad surprise!

4 / Neglecting insurance

The insurance is your only protection against unforeseen holidays. Unfortunately, on unknown roads in a foreign country, these are quickly arrived! In terms of insurance, you have several choices : choose a formula with integrated insurance, pay the insurance in addition, or not choose insurance. In practice, this third solution is hardly ever used. Especially since the renters prefer to protect themselves also against the breakage of their vehicles.

Frequently, renters incorporate third-party insurance and theft and breakage into their formulas. Ask about their price!

5 / Do not take a tour of the complete owner

This is the last major mistake of holidaymakers, who sometimes tend to travel too quickly the vehicle during the initial inventory. Result, a scratch later, you may well be responsible for a few hundred euros to the lessor. That would be a pity, right?

During the inventory, do not hesitate to be critical and register with the lessor each defect even minimal, especially if it seems reluctant to note down on paper.

Now you have all the cards in hand to rent a car safely!