Crossed Jacket – Mens Wedding Suits

The crossover jacket is undoubtedly the most elegant and refined jacket shape. For a long time shunned because considered obsolete, the crossed mens wedding suits tends, these last years, to make a shattering return. And all you have to do is see the excitement of this kind of costumes at different fashion events. Long regarded as a piece exclusively reserved for a type of morphology, the “double-breasted mens wedding suits” is actually suitable for any man, as long as it is properly cut. If everyone has in mind what a cross suit, it sometimes seems less easy to list the different types of crusader because yes, there are several.

The first, and undoubtedly the most widespread, is the six-button crossover mens wedding suits. On this type of jacket, usually only two buttons are functional. The buttons on the chest are slightly offset to fit the lines of the silhouette but also the shape of the backhands. As for all crossed jackets, an invisible button is attached to the two sides of the jacket so that the latter is, in any occasion, a beautiful outfit. There are also cross six buttons whose only button is the lowest functional. The jacket lapels will then be more plunging, thus lengthening the silhouette.

For this type of jacket, two schools are opposed. To facilitate the comparison, let’s go on a suit six buttons including two buttoning. The first dogma wants all functional buttons to be closed. The second wants only the highest functional button on the jacket to be closed. If both are valid, it is clear that, today, it is this norm that prevails when wearing a cross mens wedding suitst. Attention therefore, it is not enough to spend this type of costume on his shoulders to be elegant, it is important to know how to wear it.

Finally, be aware that there are two other cuts of cross jackets, both considered slightly more casual . The first is composed of four buttons of which only one is functional. Again, the lapels are more plunging than a classic “double-breasted jacket” and can then very well match with a t-shirt or a sweater with a very fine mesh. The second, much less common, consists of only two buttons.

The different morphologies

We tackle the subject that is angry. Unfortunately, our society today is trying to get the poor people to accept that we have a standard in physics. Each person outside this norm will be sadly cataloged, which may have the effect of influencing their own perception of themselves. As this way of doing things is profoundly stupid, we are going to look at these so-called “out of the ordinary” morphologies in order to definitively affirm that, yes, everyone can be elegant in costume. And as says a famous dating site: “Love your imperfections”.

  1. Small and fine

When one is small (less than 1m70) and one is not really strong, the most important to keep in mind to scrupulously respect the proportions. The first point to respect is to choose the cut of your costume (at the same time, this is the main subject of this article!). Thus, we avoid too large cuts that accentuate this effect of thinness. The cuts too slim even skinny will also tend to mark a too fine silhouette. The high waist pants are to be avoided, as it unbalances the overall appearance of the silhouette.

Ok Jamy, but what am I doing?

We will start with what not to wear. Mismatched sets, especially those with a high contrast, are absolutely to be avoided. It will rather privilege colors remaining in the same color spectrum. With that in mind, it will then be necessary to focus on different points. First, the silhouette must be perfectly proportioned. If this rule is immutable and must be applied for any type of morphology, a small and thin silhouette will have to pay more attention. Pants worn too high will give the impression of a bust too small mounted on legs much too long. Conversely, a jacket too long will give the sensation of a bust placed on the legs of a child. As mentioned above, the slim fitis without doubt the most suitable cut for a small person. For example, fitted trousers will lengthen the silhouette. It will also choose short jackets not descending lower buttocks again to appear larger. Finally, the mens wedding suits with fine vertical stripes can be a good set to always lengthen the silhouette.