8 Point Checklist To Consider For Dumpster Renting

Renting a dumpster is certainly not a thing which an average person does on a daily basis. So it becomes quite cumbersome for an individual to remember all the important things regarding dumpster renting. So here we have outlined all those points that you must keep in mind while renting a dumpster:

  1. Size matters a lot

Dumpsters come in all sizes and shapes. Starting from smallest one of 10 yards to the bigger container of 40 yards you can hire them all depending upon your requirements. Always book the dumpster of right size that fits your requirement. You should tell them the requirements based on which they’ll suggest you one.

  1. Get an idea of the weight

You need to understand that it’s not only about the size but also weights. There are certain weight limits for each container which has to followed no matter how much space is left in it. Let the customer representative know what type of trash material you have. They’ll get you the right dumpster that’ll be adequate for your trash.

  1. Different dumpster for different material

Originally, I believed all dumpsters are same except for their size. But soon I came to know that they have different dumpster for different materials. Construction site requires altogether different container as compared to one which carries household debris. Obviously, the weight limit varies slightly in all cases.

  1. Get your permit ready

If you have plenty of space in your property to accommodate all the dumpsters you’re booking then you can skip this point. Or in other case when you’re forced to place the dumpsters in your street you must obtain a permit in advance from the authorities.

  1. Look for Empty and Returns

This is applicable to people mentioned in above point. If you don’t have enough space that would accommodate multiple dumpster than you can ask for empty and returns. In this case a single dumpster will do multiple rounds and carries all your trash, empties it and returns to your property.

  1. Call in advance

Not always a case but it can happen on peak days that the vendor is unable to provide you the same-day service. You don’t want to put yourself in that sort of situation. Call 2 days in advance and get your dumpster delivered on time. Availability can be a serious concern in some particular localities.

  1. You don’t need to receive the delivery

This is the most misunderstood point of all the ones mentioned here. People think they need to be present for delivery of their dumpster which is not the case. You can be somewhere else when the delivery comes up for trash removal. This works well as long as the driver doesn’t need to pass through locked gates and can access the trash.

  1. Don’t put hazardous material in there

Most people are aware that dumpster rentals don’t allow hazardous or flammable material in their containers. But still some people try to do so which is not good. You can check-out dumpster rental websites for better understanding of prohibited items which comes under this category.

Just like many other things Dumpster Renting is not a daily thing but we can be good at if we take care of these points mentioned here. At Dumpster Rental Cedar Park, we believe adhering to these points will save you money and organize the work done in a better way. If you feel like we missed any point then leave us a message or comment.

Happy Renting!