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The Box Is Very Well Thought Out And Suddenly – Glamglow

We will not even be ashamed to offer it because it’s a sexy gift 😉 The box is made in reversible mode and the blow of the female version we pass in two seconds in men’s version because they do not are not sexist at Glamglow and it is well seen because men have the right to pamper themselves a little.

In the box there are two Glamglow masks:

– Supermud cleansing treatment in full size of 34 g

Youth exfoliating mask in travel size 15ml

And suddenly you can try (or share) both for 49.90 euros which (we will not lie) is worth it

But let’s go back to my purifying treatment test 😉I’m pretty afraid of face masks because I had a lot of bad experiences and even burned skin in the past 🙁What made me crack to test this mask is that it is noted above that it is intended for reactive skin. glamglow And yes it’s me 😉plus redness and small imperfections from time to time by here and there 🙂Yep I can use this product!

Finally if I have the courage to put this on my face because seen like that in the pot the mask does not necessarily envy lol

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Good ok once on the face is not more sexy lol but the mask is not unpleasant to apply and my first impressions are pretty good 😉It does not sting, it does not burn, no unpleasant sensations OUUUUUF I advise you to take the product in the pot with a spatula (unfortunately it is not provided) because otherwise you will put a little everywhere with the fingers which is neither hygienic nor economic and given the price of this mask c ‘ is a real mess. glamglow

The mask is allowed to rest for up to twenty minutes. The first feeling of freshness on the face fades with the minutes and the drying of product on the face.

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After the time of the installation it is rinsed with lukewarm water and the result is: the smoother skin, the tightened pores, the more radiant complexion and the redness fade as and when used. glamglowI used to use it every week and the result is really there .

If you want to buy the box I have a good news because with the promo code VPMB3 you have -20% on your purchases on the site Sephora then viiiiite click here to enjoy until March 31.

And you girls, have you ever tried one of the two Glamglow masks?

Before going out at night, now I apply this mask for 10 minutes. It stings slightly at first, we feel that the mask acts, but it is very very very bearable. Then I clean it with a cotton and water like “micellar water” or a “cleansing water”. And voila.

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