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Which GlamGlow Facial Mask Is Appropriate For You

GlamGlow smire masks have been receiving a considerable measure of buildup this years, and you can have effectively found out about how much excellence bloggers and skincare monsters cherish them, however I was kicking the bucket to attempt them for myself! These charming, bright pots loaded with skin-sustaining fixings began as “facial in jostle” items for big names, yet now any individual who cherishes masks (AND I DO) can get their hooks on them.

GlamGlow masks are likewise genuinely expensive, so I needed to know whether they’re justified regardless of my well deserved change. I got an arrangement of tests of each sort of mask GlamGlow offers, and I attempted them all, finished the course of fourteen days.

So! To start with up, we have:

GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, $69 | shop it

This mask should leave your skin brilliant by tenderly peeling and fixing pores. I was distrustful—I imply that is the thing that fundamentally all masks say they do, correct? Furthermore, I was finding for some hidden meaning, since I’m no small unpracticed bebe who’s never attempted a mask. With a name like Tinglexfoliate Treatment, I was anticipating that this ish should Consume on my touchy skin. This made me profoundly anxious to attempt it. In any case, for the sake of logical revelation, and for the love of you all, I knew I needed to valiantly spread it on my face.

This mud mask is dark. Dark! It’s dark on the grounds that there’s volcanic shake in it, and the base is French ocean dirt. When you put it on your face, little bits of…gunk are haphazardly spread around your face. These are clearly bits of tea takes off. Alright. glamglow What’s more, prepare to be blown away. I wasn’t precisely wrong—this mask shivers like insane, we are talking “shivering to the point of pondering whether it ought to shiver so much” shivering. I cleared out it on for 15 minutes, until the point that it had dried to a dim shading, and washed the now-solid mask off with a washcloth.

Result: Yes. YAAAAAAS. My skin was discernibly more tightly nicy, and it felt stunning, extremely smooth. You all, I really looked brilliant. I would spend $69 mollusks for this and do the mask once every week.

GlamGlow Parched Mud Hydrating Treatment, $69 | shop it

This is a hydrationS mask, intended to give you dew-covered, flexible skin in a solitary treatment. It has coconut, nectar, and something many refer to as oat beta glucan in it, in any case, I couldn’t care less what’s in it—IT’S WINTER, MAKE MY SKIN NOT-CRACKY.

It feels pleasant, smooth nearly, when you spread it on your skin, and it smells enigmatically vanilla-ish, such as icing that is beneficial for you? The mask is the shade of caramel icing, and as you put it on, you see a decent cool vibe that stays as long as you abandon it on your face. For a mask, this is exceptionally abnormal—you can abandon it on your face and utilize it as a cream, or wash it off altogether, or wipe its greater part off and leave the overabundance on your face overnight. I picked the last alternative, wiping off its greater part with a tissue and rubbing the rest in. Would my delicate mix slick/flaky-as-damnation skin break out glamglow


utilize this mask as my ordinary cream, as it’s excessively overwhelming for me. An awesome once-in-for a short time treat for your face!

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