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Web design is an art! The design of your site is a reflection of your business. A well-known saying says, “You will never have a second chance to make a good first impression.” In web technologies, your site is the first entity that interacts with the visitor, so it must be speaking!

The sites we produce are clean and clear. In addition, we ensure that all our sites meet the accessibility standards required by the World Wide Web Consortium. Our sites are tested in the most used browsers at different screen resolutions.

Our designers have many years of experience in providing consumers with a low cost website design that resonates brand image and meets the demands of the business. We focus on basic design principles like sharpness and precedence, to guide the eye through navigation while building for consumer-friendly purposes. With careful planning and a wired structure, our sleek designs do not waste the patience of your users; instead, they draw attention to the main features of the pages.

Adaptive Websites

In most industries, mobile phone and tablet users account for more than half of incoming traffic to a website, which can be very expensive. We provide state-of-the-art responsive websites designed to work on all devices, resizing naturally as the browser’s screen resolution decreases and eliminating the need for an additional standalone mobile website or tablet. This helps reduce costs by managing one solution.

User Experience Design (UX)

Web design, CRO and User Experience Design (UX) go hand-in-hand and can make powerful changes to the way your visitors navigate your website. We build site designs from scratch, focusing first on the product or minimal purpose of each page, creating powerful user experiences. By creating wireframes and smart prototyping interfaces, we can multiply website conversion from the first day of a new site or landing page.

Orientation Marketing Digital

Our design skills are not limited to low cost website design we can provide digital design services to help grow your online identity. Examples include marketing design for e-mail templates, Web banners for Ad Words, and online campaigns and beautiful info graphics to show your brand’s authority in its niche. We can support your brand identity and design your social platforms, contests and even your mobile apps.

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Adaptive Website Creation

Media Web Design offers a professional website creation service at an affordable price. Media Web Design is located in Victoriaville and serves all of Quebec.

The websites made by Media Web Design have a self-management system, allowing to easily and quickly make changes to your website. This system is also accessible to customers who wish, themselves, to manage their low cost website design

The purpose of a website is not just to be beautiful, it has to be effective and it has to come out in search engine results.

Positioning is about optimizing your site to get a good position in the search engines.

SEO involves inserting your site into directories and search engines.