How To Evaluate The Property

 Step by step instructions on how to evaluate the property + TOP-5 review of reliable appraisal companies

Almost every person at least once in his life is faced with the need to find out the market value of a car, real estate, and another type of property. Required services appraiser for the court, insurance, sale of property.

So, let’s take a closer look at the topic of the article.

What is a property valuation and what is it for?

It refers to the most common type of evaluation work. Since the economy is not constant, the price of material goods tends to change. Therefore, quite often it is necessary to determine the value of property for individuals or legal entities, depending on market conditions.

Evaluation is required in the following situations:

  • Buying and selling;
  • Insurance;
  • Crediting;
  • Determination of cadastral value;
  • Evaluation for the court (execution of decisions);
  • Score for the bank (liquidation of the business).

A special article is the valuation of property upon entry into the inheritance. The Constitution of the Russian Federation guarantees the right of registration of property to inherited property.

To obtain the inheritance, a number of documents are gradually formed, one of which is an appraisal report. Valuation is handled by government agencies or independent organizations. The fact that a prospect edstavlyaet independent evaluation cheat the in the thematic article on our website.

The heir can use various valuation mechanisms, but in any case he will have to pay a state duty, the size of which is proportional to the value of the inherited property. Using any of the mechanisms, it is possible to conduct an assessment for a notary.

There are three types of determination of the price of inheritance:

1) Inventory value:

Determined by the evaluator BTI. Takes into account a small number of factors, due to which the price is considered lower than real. The size of the duty is much less than with other types of price determination.

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2) Cadastral value:

It is determined for the assessment of land and real estate as the value entered in the cadastral register of real estate. Heirs are often asked to compare prices or alternative conclusions to valuation companies.

3) Market value:

It is defined as the value for which you can sell or buy an inheritance. Under this option, the valuation is evaluated exclusively movable property. The most reliable price and duty belong to the market category of property value.

The market economy involves transactions between owners based on the market value of goods and works. To initiate a contract, the owner must first know the real price of the property. In connection with the demand for such a procedure, the number of companies engaged in independent expertise is growing Real estate valuation

One of the most common services. Conclusion real estate quotes has a wide range of applications and may be needed in a variety of situations, from buying and selling to determining the assessment of damage to real property.

Movable property includes: transport and equipment, machine tools and installations, furniture and office equipment, tools and other tangible assets.

For the correct determination of value, they use not only comparative, but also other approaches – profitable, market, investment, costly. When inspecting the final act, make sure that you are presented with the main valid assessment categories. Depending on the properties, the priority parameters of the property should be presented.

  • The reporting document includes:
  • Release and commissioning dates;
  • Serial and inventory number;
  • Acts of warranty and technical inspection (repair)
  • Intensity of use (standardization).