How to go on a trip with friends and do not quarrel?

No matter how bosom friends may be, spending 24/7 with the same people is not easy. Often they go on travel best friends, and returned as sworn enemies. So that a joint trip would not be a test of strength for your friendship, we gathered some useful tips from people who often travel in large companies.

Face-control or selection of fellow travelers

First, decide who you want to travel with. Best drinking buddies are not always the best travel companions. Try to pick a company with which the boundaries of dating are not blurred by red semi-sweet on a stormy get-together. Choose people tested by time and situations, otherwise deep disappointment awaits you, because someone, for example, got a couple of missing euros for a souvenir who liked so much, or at the time of paying the bill, it turned out that the institution only accepts cards, and you cash, but for some reason your “best” drinking companion is not eager to help and pay your part of the bill For Ease go to the website.

When a team of like-minded people in the assembly, you can select the most initiative and responsible and appoint them as group leaders. These are the people who will meticulously check the availability of all the necessary documents before departure, organize and coordinate the entire process, will act as the main link in your tub.

Create a route in advance

For some, rest is to lie on the beach for hours, drinking a cocktail, for another it is time to visit a dozen museums, galleries and shops (there are no such houses!). We are all different, therefore, from the trip, everyone is entitled to something personally for himself. As a homework assignment, we advise you to pre-list a list of places to be visited and discuss it. Try to take into account the desires of each, look for points of contact and make compromises. Do not be afraid to discuss every detail of the route – this will help avoid a significant part of the possible reasons for conflict already in the journey itself.

Discuss where you will sleep and what you will eat. If traveling by car – whether you take food with you or you will stop for a snack in a roadside cafe. Are you ready to sleep in tents or prefer to stay in hostels or apartments. Or maybe you generally go on a trip to a mobile home?

For convenience, you can create a general Google document , where all ideas and suggestions will be entered, as well as departure dates, a list of documents, the names of hostels or hotels where a stop is planned. It is better to keep such a document, as well as to plan the journey itself, 2-3 months before the expected departure date. As a result, before the very start, you will receive a holistic plan on which you will be able to navigate in the future.

To ensure that all maps, lists and ideas are always at hand, download a mobile application on your devices: we recommend to use Tripit – a convenient and easy to use calendar, organizer and social network for traveling in groups. You only need to register: you can log in using Google mail or your Facebook account.

Divide and conquer

Most likely, even at the planning stage you will understand that someone copes best with finding flights and lodgings at the best prices, someone can easily prepare documents for a visa, and someone fumbles the best for sightseeing tourists.

Divide key responsibilities between each other so that everyone is in charge, do not blame everything on one person. It is convenient when someone alone does all the work for the others, but there is little sense from such an organization. In addition, you will be able to avoid a situation where the entire trip is controlled by one person, without taking into account the interests of others. Unfortunately, it often happens. At the same time, other participants in the trip feel disappointed and deprived of their right to vote.

Discuss the budget

Perhaps this is the most unpleasant item. Not for nothing Pink Floyd in the song Money sang that money is the root of all evil (“Money is the root of all evil today”). Nothing spoils people and the relationship between them like money. Pre-negotiate the amount that everyone is willing to spend. The same amount for someone can mean a vacation in a luxury hotel on the ocean, and for this money someone will allow themselves 5 nights in a cozy hostel in Barcelona, ​​a couple of hearty dinners and shopping will remain.

Divide the budget for total and personal. In the common boiler, send the estimated costs for gasoline, toll roads (if you plan to travel by private car), public transport, insurance, general entertainment, hotel accommodation, hostel or a cozy guest house. You can record all amounts made and keep track of funds spent using special mobile applications. For example, Budgy is a free mobile application that records all common expenses when traveling by large companies.

Regime of the day

The questions “What time do we get up?” And “When do we go to bed?” Are also better discussed in advance. Someone will not be difficult to jump at 6 in the morning and be the first to stand in line for the Eiffel Tower, but for someone this early rise is a great feat. One will want to spend the night away in bars and local eateries, the other one needs to get enough sleep so as not to feel overwhelmed in the morning.

Take a break from each other.

There is nothing criminal in spending a time apart from each other. And this does not mean that you are bad friends and you can not rely on. Someone needs to catch an exhibition of paintings by a famous artist that you may have visited on a previous trip, and someone is undermining the tower because he or she did not have time to buy those high-waisted jeans from TopShop, well, or just someone else did not manage to walk all the outfits.

Whether you are traveling with a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or just good buddies – separate. Spend a few hours on the trip that you personally interested in. So you can relax, be alone with your thoughts and desires. Above all, do not forget to agree on where you will meet later in case someone has a discharged phone. Set the exact time and place of the meeting: for example, at the fountain or in a cafe at dinner or in the evening at the hotel. Plus, you will definitely have something to discuss at the end of a busy day.

Be flexible and positive.

Treat everything with humor. Do not be afraid to change plans. Be open to everything new. Be bold! Do not like Paris – go to Bordeaux, Strasbourg or Marseille. Make concessions and do not forget to treat each other with respect, care and understanding.