10 Dream Jobs for Globetrotters

Discover the ten professions that will allow globetrotters to realize their dream.

Do you like to travel and want to go on an adventure as part of your job? In this case, a job abroad could suit you perfectly. But what are the most requested profiles outside our borders? Discover the ten professions that will allow globetrotters to realize their dream.

  1. Engineer

Whether at home or abroad, engineering graduates are highly sought after in the job market. Especially experienced system engineers, environmental specialists and quality managers are lacking in many places. Another advantage of this diploma: you will be sure to have a good salary, even abroad. Discover the technical jobs.

  1. Computer scientist

A job in short supply in our country. As a result, ICT services are often outsourced and the possibilities of landing a job in IT abroad are not lacking. You are a developer, a project manager, a business consultant or an analyst? You have all your chances! Discover our jobs pk in IT and Telecommunication.

  1. Doctor or nurse

With a doctor’s diploma in your pocket, it is not very difficult for a Belgian to work abroad, especially for a specialist. In addition, organizations like MSF are constantly looking for volunteers for temporary assignments.

  1. MBA Profile

Do you have talent for business and you have an MBA? So, you have all the cards to integrate a multinational, which will usually give you the opportunity to be based abroad.

  1. Tourism

Travel companion, flight attendant, local travel agent, camping manager : the tourist sector offers a lot of jobs more varied than others, which allow to reside (temporarily) abroad. Find your new job here.

  1. Teacher

There are hundreds of job vacancies for teachers around the world. The most requested subjects are mainly English and other foreign languages.

  1. Journalist / cameraman or photographer

By becoming a reporter abroad, cameraman or press photographer, you will have the opportunity to see the country without having to move. The number of places is however very limited in the area, and you will of course have some experience.

  1. Researcher

Highly qualified researchers, such as physicists or medical scientists, often add value to research projects abroad. They are welcomed with open arms.

  1. Horeca

If you only want to live abroad for a while, why not try your luck in the horeca? Tourist destinations have many jobs to offer to seasonal workers during holiday periods. Check our jobs in the HORECA.

  1. Technical Specialist

It’s a cliché, but a cliché that is true: a technical diploma plumber, electrician, HVAC specialist or construction will always ensure you find work, even abroad. Discover the technical jobs pk.

Remember, the more work experience you have, the more likely you are to be hired.