KLIA KLIA2 Airport Taxi Fare Calculator – Taking a Taxi from KLIA2 Airport

Let’s start by airport taxis maybe because that’s where the most people here will first do start their very own taxi experience at Kuala Lumpur.  As we know, there are much cheaper options for get to Kuala Lumpur from the Kuala Lumpur’s International Airport and Low Cost of Carrier Terminal. Such as (KLIA Express) might bring you the KL Sentral the KLIA in less than 28 minutes as one-way of it.  However, if there might be travelling in some group of some 2-3, it could be less expensive to take taxi to the destination at Kuala Lumpur (only if you might buy some coupon from airport taxi counter).


  • At LCCT, Airport Taxi Counter or commonly known as Klia Taxi Fare counter might be located right when you cleared customs – then you can’t usually miss that – look out to the booth. (Note that the info is likely to be accurate as 26 Jan of 2014; the booth might likely change you when LCCT usually closes and is usually replaced by the KLIA 2). For the KLIA, I think that there might be a similar of the Airport Taxi Counter right when you do clear customs.
  • Consult staff where the destination is as well is the number to the people as well as luggage’s and staff will provide you price. If they have some group 2-3 people having 1-2 pieces big luggage, you should ask for some budget taxi.  On the chance you have large number of people as well as luggage, staff might ask to take bigger premier of the taxi (which is expensive – also called as the executive of taxi).  There is third category for taxi – called the family of taxi which should adjust 6 passengers.


  • When you might pay staff of airport taxi counter, it might be issued with some coupon. There is zero need for paying the taxi again – unless they want tip driver (there’s no tipping in Malaysia and it is all up to them or you). The driver might tear part the coupon just to record trip.  It usually costs RM 74.30 for getting from the Kuala Lumpur to the Millennium Hotel to the Bukit Bintang (the heart to Kuala Lumpur).  Thus, you might have some group of some 2-3, it will not worth to take KLIA Express (that would cost you some RM 105 to the 3 pax) as well as KLIA Express takes you KL Sentral, there you might need to use either transport for public or taxi as well as the destination you need to reach.
  • Once you might have bought the coupon at the LCCT, you should walk out to MacDonald’s, there you will find long line to some taxis – from head to center lane as well as show the coupon to first taxi present in the line.  Area around there can be chaotic as that is where passengers mightalight to visit to LCCT for boarding their flights.  You will need to ignore any of the taxi touts who are hanging around some area.

KLIA and KLIA2 Taxi Operators Discriminating Metered Taxis.