With a p … like piano

Arturo Benedetti-Michelangelo, one of the greatest pianists of the twentieth century said: “I am a luxury whore”. Fine scholar, this artist probably was not unaware of the links between the peripatetic of Aristotle and those who give us joy, although it is inconvenient to play the piano while walking. The unforgettable performer of Des pas dams la neigh by Debussy was best known for racing in Ferrari or for “running” the concert organizers with his last-minute cancellations.

But the fact is there: if playing the piano (or writing) is first of all the impulse, the desire, then it is necessary to earn a living, so occur, save, be published, communicate … Some artists have shame, others not at all. We know proud whores of being and whores who play mijaurées, nervously fiddling with their rosaries. Besides, when I want to write a whore, the spell checker on my computer insists on writing pure. Proof that the border is tenuous.

To the question: “what do you do whilst you’re now not on the piano?” no pianist has the c … to reply: “the sidewalk, i can’t do that”. The day it arrives, the hens could have enamel. No longer too much, out of recognize for the patron. There are whores who love cash and who want love, individuals who love love and need money. We find the entirety. Those who have skills for the bagatelle, however now not to sell, and who deal with those who be successful “large whores” or even “dirty whores”. It is able to be a friend with complain until the day she does you a dirty blow, a “blow of complain” as they are saying.

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There are pianists who dress like whores but do not give you for your money. Others who play like whores without revealing anything, without giving anything. Being of Catholic culture, I like it when it is not seen too much. When one keeps the forms: “Do not forget my little gift, darling”. Okay, I buy your record, my heart. Besides, the gift goes both ways. The encore at the end of the concert is a little hug to the eye before going home. I like when we assume, with humor, simplicity, without spitting in the soup. And that we share with girlfriends. Whoever has never sinned…?

I love whores of genius. Very rare. The ones that make you think they really love you. Which stripped you of a sound or a look. Which would put you on the straw without touching the beam. Dangerous, very dangerous. But what surprises me is that the government today, we fight against prostitution and at the same time Aurélie Fillipetti wants more girls to be sent to the turbin in subsidized theaters. I see it as a contradiction. It may be that I have a language of p…