Deco Tip: A Print On Canvas Can Hide Another!

Mixing a painting and a picture frame, a canvas print is an original medium that brings relief to your photos. Very fashionable in recent months, it is customizable to infinity via many effects that can be given by playing with different formats. Here are some deco tips that will brighten the walls of your home!

Diptyque canvas print

In ancient Greek, diptych means “folded in two”. Photography has appropriated this term to define any creation composed of two photos arranged next to each other to tell a story. They are therefore necessarily linked if they are not identical.

You can apply it without worry in the context of a photo print on canvas , to give depth and relief to your images. Here are some ideas that might make you want to try (non-exhaustive list):

Associate an overall picture with a photo zoom. This is an opportunity to highlight a part of the photo that you think is important: a part of the body, a landscape, a building, etc. Attention, it is necessary that the image is in high definition to be able to apply this type of effect, otherwise, it is the blurred or pixilated photograph assured!

Collect two portraits by cutting a photo in half or combining two shots that took place at different times. Everything is possible: face to face, back to back …couple canvas print 2

Playing on angles because a single image may not be enough to value a situation, a behavior, an attitude. You give life to your photos by this effect.

canvas print lion

Represent an entire picture as if it could “fold in two”.

Canvas photo

Triptych canvas print

For a triptych effect during a photo print on Parrot Canvas Prints, that is to say in 3 parts so 3 photos , you can resume the ideas shared for the diptych. It works the same way but the story will simply be richer because more complete visually.

Just point number 2 on the gathering of portraits may not work well on this arrangement. Be creative, imagine, test, create  !

Canvas print in multiple frames

When it comes to making 3 to an infinite number of combinations, we are simply talking about collage. A canvas print can quickly become artistic and take up a lot of space on your wall.

In this context, you can at your leisure juggle the effects presented above, or simply opt for different photos, related or not.