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Peyronies Can Finish The Attraction Of Your Sexual Life

Do not leave hope if you are suffering from Peyronies. It is a disease that is called abnormal curvature of Penis. It is a kind of Penis bent that can cause pain in erection. To attain a sexual pleasure is a gift. Men suffer from this disease in the age of forty to seventy years. Younger men due to special cases can face this problem. It causes painful erection and thickening of Penis areas. It produces penis angulation and causes erectile dysfunction due to the lack of rigidity in the thickening area of the penis and buckling of the penile shaft. This thickening area stops the blood supply towards penis and creates dysfunction.

Causes of the Disease

  1. Deficiency of Vitamin E

Patients face this problem due to the deficiency of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an essential supplement, which deficiency can cause anemia, fatigue, constipation, low sperm count, loss of appetite, depression and many more. It is highly painful for performing sexual functions.

  1. Penis Injury

The presence of the HLA-B7 in the human gene is the prime cause of this problem. It is due to injury and trauma to the penis. A person can face this problem if there is any injury to the tissues of the Penis and blood vessels of the Penis.  Due to this injury, the cytokines releases and activates connective tissues. It is called fibroblasts.

  1. Other medical issues

If patient suffers from hyperlipidemia diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and erectile dysfunction then there is a risk of this problem. People who are suffering from psychological disorders, diabetes, concomitant erectile dysfunction, smoking and obesity are at the risk. This problem takes several years in existing.

  1. Use of Steroids

These steroids have side effects and cause this disease with the following harms. You may find some illegal steroids vulnerable items. It gives instant results for the majority of the users. Steroids have several side effects but it has very less. This steroid is not very much harmful for the body.

Due to pain and inflammation in penis, the walls of the penis, this band of hard tissues develop. It decreases or kills the softness and elasticity of the penis muscles. Penis muscles become stiffer and make the erection painful for the user. This can cause highly painful. It is very painful situation for the patients they face difficulty in sexual functions. By the time, they become weak and it causes shortening of penis in size. Reduced size and incomplete growth of tissues cause this disease and patient cannot perform sexual tasks conveniently due to the bad functions of penis. The size of penis becomes short and ruins their sexual life.


Patients can use the proextender for the treatment of this issue. It is highly innovative product that finishes the deficiency of the nutrients with the help of the supplements. It comes with the device that is sure to increase the size of the penis. This makes patient’s life comfortable and energetic.

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