Question For All Which Way Our Punjabi Music Is Going?

This article is not around one or couple of songs which are said in the Article, in actuality it is for those craftsmen who are doing such songs, recordings, films and so on.

By observing the sort of Punjabi music stuff running on Television stations nowadays, I am compelled to think and ask everybody that which way our Punjabi Songs is going?

Are we known for the stuff which is most favored substance for Vocalists, Lyricists and maybe for some measure of audience members as well!

I might want to put a light on a few songs which have discharged in later past and making us feel embarrassed when we relate them to our genuine Punjabi Music and Punjabi culture.


Punjabi Music and Punjabi Artists Heard a melody saying “Veera Keh Ke Dil Tod Dinni Ae”, what junk is this? It can’t get more disgraceful than Offending a sibling sister connection. Since if a young lady is stating Veera to somebody, that implies she is thinking about him like a sibling and the kid says his heart gets broken at whatever point she calls that. Waste !! In another melody, folks saying “Jatt De Thikane Balliye Rab V Na Jaane Balliye”. Wow A Jatt has greater than God ! Gone ahead folks, you are such brilliant specialists, in any event keep some sensibility while picking your verses. Since the music is not only for the stimulation, it is the supplement of soul for the audience members. Somebody saying “Police Bhaaldi Firdi Ae”, is it a some sort of proudest thing to specify ? Is the police discovering you give you a some sort of reward ? An accomplished and one of the mainstream lyricists ought not state such words. Another comparative melody says “Kitho Prevailing fashion Lau Police Ni Tera Yaar Purana Paapi Ae”, does this help expanding your notoriety, calling yourself a Paapi?

It is impractical to say every one of the songs however majority of the songs having Disgusting wordings in their raps or some sort of Squabble and Words that beg to be defended (Ladayi Jhagde) in them.

It is additionally genuine that the general population have their own particular decision whether to listen these sort of songs or not but rather a portion of the audience members are not in the perspective to choose that such things are influencing them. As indicated by a study, the greatest measures of audience members to such songs are maturing from 12 to 22 years. So at the end of the day, the audience members to such songs are generally the Youngsters or exceptionally young men and young ladies.

The question to be asked to the Vocalists and Lyricists is, The thing that sort of messages would you say you are providing for the adolescents? These are not quite recently the songs for stimulation to them, the vast majority of them really attempt the things which you are singing and appearing in the video. We as a whole can see them doing this on streets, at home, in schools, in universities and anyplace.

It is an unassuming solicitation to our Vocalists, Lyricists and to all the concerned individuals that please make a decent utilization of your acclaim and in the event that you are on a place where individuals tail you then pick a superior approach to lead them.

Generally please add a message to your songs and recordings for the adolescents, as is commonly said in WWE (World Wrestling Amusement), Kindly DON’T Tune in, WATCH AND SING AT HOME, AT SCHOOL, AT School And so forth.

Much appreciated !!