Writing A Thesis Or A Theses: A Particular Guide For LinkedIn Profile Writing

For those who have already been there, we know the problem very well. To be at the end of studies is a real success in itself. In the distance appears the end of this very important stage of your student life. But before obtaining a degree (license, master or doctorate) and just before an internship also in general, it is necessary to finish writing your Thesis Writing Help  or dissertation.

An incredibly long, tedious and intellectually demanding task as creative writing. It is an exercise that takes months for the dissertation and several years for the thesis. Dozens of pages are to be written. Word after word and sentence after sentence. With a development that is yours and a spelling to always check! In french in the text. And in this task which is yours before obtaining a diploma (license, master’s degree or doctorate), you will normally have a tutor to accompany you. A tutor who is none other than one of the teachers of your school (university, business school, higher education, doctoral school, etc.). This teacher is supposed to help you to expose your theory in human sciences, mathematics, physics, human and social sciences, sociology, philosophy, science, biology, civil engineering, engineering, international trade, management … The writing of a dissertation, with all that it entails, can not be done without the endorsement and supervision of this guardian so. Except that, and this happens very often, the tutor, who is often teacher researcher (CNRS for example) sometimes does not have time to answer all your questions …

Because he has many other students to supervise and classes to hold. The solution is then to go to a particular teacher, specializes in the help with writing a Thesis Writing Help or a dissertation. The latter can supervise you on many things: spelling, general writing (syntax, grammar, vocabulary …), preparation of the defense of the thesis for a better oral comprehension, the doctorate or the dissertation before a university jury, mastering the orientation of the subject, to direct you in your bibliography (it details which reference work to take), management of the resources to use, perspective and risk of your problematic, stakes of the synthesis, introduction, conclusion, conjugation of the verb (future previous, imperfect …) , move faster, do not copy paste or plagiarism … Its main purpose? Substitute the tutor and bring you the methodology!

Thesis Writing Help  and memory: to be coached to avoid the off topic

The most dangerous for a university student, business school or other when he undertakes to write a dissertation or a thesis, is to go on an off topic.This happens even more often when the guardian is particularly absent. Because as the development of such a book, the plan, the problem and the arguments can evolve. But what to do next? Should we change plans? Are the new testimonies brought in relation to the theory defended?

Models of internship report writing, dissertation or thesis

A lot of questions come to mind during these months of writing. But when the guardian does not answer, it seems dangerous to continue to write blindly. The best idea is to call on a professor or an outside researcher. To accompany you in writing the dissertation or thesis. The latter fully understands the ins and outs of the validated and the stated problem. He will be able to refer you to not make off topic.

Test your photo with Photo Feeler

The Photo Feeler site makes it easy for you to ask the user community if your profile looks appropriate based on your photo. The principle is simple: to get votes (so opinions), you must vote on a selection of photos. Whenever you give your opinion, you are earning credits that you can use to start a study on your photo. It’s the ideal (and free) solution that’s the easiest way to get quick, honest reviews of what your profile picture looks like.

Finally, regarding the shooting and your pose, here are some tips to take a really professional profile picture:

Always consider the background: the ideal being that it is united, it can also be a reflection of your personality and must play a role in the overall perception of your lifesty Thesis Writing Help  le Outdoor books or photos can make a very good impression.

Think about the framing: do not place yourself exactly in the center of the image, for example. If you make a special photo shoot to compose an effective LinkedIn profile, do not hesitate to put yourself on the scene.

Be sure to use natural light, either reconstructed in the studio, or with adequate shooting, preferably outdoors. Avoid the use of flash at all costs!

Of course, think about dressing properly. Here too, you must put your clothes in harmony with the background you have chosen. A good contrast should bring out your face and the shape of your body, avoiding the camouflage / chameleon effect!

Come on, you know what you have to do! Session, elegance, test, and publication.

Repeat your keywords!

LinkedIn’s profile ranking algorithm is less robust than Google’s. Since your goal is to sell you on this social network, be sure to repeat many instances of your target keywords.

– Create surprise in secret mode

When you edit your lovely LinkedIn profile, a discreet option on the right side of your screen lets you choose whether you want your contacts to see these changes in real time.

So be sure to uncheck this option during your important changes, then to finish your updates by a last update in “public” mode. Your employees will only receive one notification from you. They will then be able to discover your last exploits in a single block, for a maximum wow effect .

– Boost your influence with social proof

Net surfers and normal people in general are impressed by the big numbers. So try to obtain as quickly as possible a very large number of connections in your network. Beyond 500 contacts, you will get the very chic mention ” 500+ ” which will not fail to make its small effect. Yes, this is called social proof and it works excessively well in digital marketing!

– Get the attention of recruiters

So that visitors really focus on your profile once they are above, I advise you to go to the settings of your account to uncheck the option “View module People who viewed this profile also viewed. .. ”

With this simple manipulation, you avoid that your readers are distracted by other photos that can be displayed in the right column on your Linkedin page. You capture all their attention!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove the display of the ” Similar to.” option that remains visible on your profile page! Never mind: more reason to stand out differently with my advice!

– Customize your links

Tip of growthacking that tears green algae: you can change the title of the links (anchors) that are in the “coordinates” block of your LinkedIn Profile Writing This opportunity that would salivate any good SEO also represents an additional chance to value your other content. Give the desire to click once again to get to know you better. So, for your blog, you can say ” My blog Ratapoil in the land of unicorns “, which is much more engaging. I show you where it is:


Customize blogs and websites links on LinkedIn

Click on the little pencil and you will be able to edit each of your links by selecting ” Other: ” from the drop-down menu. Magic !

– Customize your profile url

This can facilitate the work of a prospective recruiter. If he remembers your name, some browsers may suggest the address of your profile as it was in the address bar during a previous visit. In Google’s results pages, it’s also more powerful than a cryptic identifier.

– Index your profile url!

Given the reputation of LinkedIn on the web, Google naturally tends to highlight the LinkedIn addresses in its results. If this is not the case, I invite you to place your link wherever it is possible:

On your own blog

On other Hellopages

In comment profiles on blogs

In the discussion forums , in signature

It’s best if your LinkedIn profile appears first if a person is trying to ” googling ” you . Ask your favorite referrer for advice.

– A blanket that invites you to know you

The dominant color of this background should allow to make a strong visual contrast with your profile picture. Of course, this space must be exploited with ingenuity to place some good keywords, logos or prestigious references. If Mark Zuckerberg took a selfie with you at a memorable evening, it may also be the best place to place it.

It is also possible to opt for a visual found on the web. For that, I give you here a beautiful list of sites where to make your digital market. You’ll find lots of great pictures that will make wonderful backgrounds!