Top 8 Things to Do in Costa Brava

Soft sand beaches, azure Blue Ocean, stretched beach walks, cultural trips, quaint fishermen village and delicious seafood- Yes, now you can get the right picture of Costa Brava. It lies in the northeast region of Catalonia, specifically at the border of France and stretches till Barcelona. Being located on the border of France and Spain, this coastal town has the influence of these two culturally-rich countries. While you can find the best beaches, historic cities of Spain, you will also get amazed by the rich French culture in the city. To have the great experience, you can book villas in Costa Brava and make your vacation luxurious. Which are the amazing places to visit here? Read on to know more-

  1. Have a Great Walk on the Streets

Gironna is the capital of Costa Brava. This is the country with a rich history of 2000 years and it also has the well-preserved culture of medieval and Jewish influence. While roaming around the city, you can get the glimpse of the famous Arabic bath, the Baroque and Romanesque Cathedral, lively and colorful houses around the River Onyar and also the 14th Century city walls. Gironna is also the town of festivals. You can visit here during May when the amazing Temp de Flors flower festival is held.

  1. Enjoy Beach Life at Santa Cristina Beach

Costa Brava is the country with outstanding beaches. Finding the most beautiful one is really difficult. Still, this beach at Lloret de Mar will give you breathtaking views with lots of fun. This beach is not that much windy and therefore, you can get calm water to swim around. If you have travelling with your family, this can be one of the best places to have some great time. To reach the beach, you can take the quaint path from a nearby hamlet, Santa Cristina. The beach is named after that hermitage. While you are on this beach, you can head towards Cala Boadella.

Be Amazed at the Dali Theatre Museum

Costa Brava is Salvador Dali’s country. You can’t leave the place without enriching yourself with the marvels he created. Keep a day only for visiting the Dali Theatre Museum. The pink castle-like building of the museum is itself a great work of art. There are incredible exhibits and art installations inside the building while the famous eggs and golden figurines on the rooftop of the building remind you about him as the father figure of Surrealism.

  1. Visit the Ruins of Empuries in La Escala

Spain has been the colonial ground for many other foreign powers from long ago. This place in Costa Brava is the perfect example of that. While enjoying the breathtaking view of Gulf of Roses, you can’t miss the archaeological ruins of Emperies which tell the history of Greek influence over Spain. Initially, this place was invaded by the Greeks and then taken by the Romans. Therefore, you can visit the ruins of two Greek cities along with a Roman city and a Necropolis. Take the traffic-free road to reach the ruins from L’Escala and enjoy the real natural beauty besides the walks.

  1. Explore the Cap de Creus Natural Park

If you move towards the northern part of Costa Brava, you will reach at the Cap de Creus peninsula and its beautiful natural park. If you want to add adventure to your Costa Brava trip, make sure to visit here. This is the great place for hikers and swimmers. With a small forest, rocky coves, small bays, and cliffs, this place is really adorable. Don’t forget to reach the lighthouse to have a fantastic view of the entire place.

  1. Scuba Diving in the Medes Island

This is one of the best places in Costa Brava for scuba diving. Due to its location and nearness to Costa del Montgri and Marine Natural Reserve, you can have a great experience here. The crystal clear water will give you a great view of the biodiversity under the sea. You can go there alone only if you are an experienced diver. You can hire experienced instructors so that you don’t miss any coves, wrecks, fishes and coral reefs.

  1. Enjoy the Seafood on the Beach of Cadaques

While you are in a beach town, you can’t miss the exotic seafood over there. The rule is same for Costa Brava too. Visit the small town, Cadaques; enjoy the picturesque view of the steeping alleys and give your taste buds an exotic feeling of delicious seafood. You can have Fideaua or any other authentic dishes along with Spanish foods. Apart from that, you can have several other continental dishes in the luxurious restaurants and beach shacks.

  1. Let Your Kids Have Fun in Waterworld of Lloret de Mar

Costa Brava is not only a beach town for the adults, but there are also grounds where you can have fun with your family, especially if you have kids. Keep Waterworld Aqua Park in your list of must visiting places in Costa Brava. Kids will love the rides while you can also enjoy them. There are also two restaurants, a picnic area, and a burger joint along with a churreia to make your day awesome.

So, these are the best things you can do in Costa Brava. If you are looking for an off-beat place for your next vacation, you can book tickets and hotels in Costa Brava.

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