Indispensable to the game of billiards, the cue (or billiard cues for sale) is used to hit the balls to send them in the pockets. The pool cue tip  is formed at the tip of a process, screwed or glued to a ferrule.

The process is a leather washer designed to receive the chalk and hit the ball. It allows to give effect to the balls. It has a diameter perfectly adapted to the ferrule, generally between 9 and 14 mm. (This diameter varies depending on the size of the balls, the mode of play and / or the preferences of the player). The shell, meanwhile, is usually made of plastic or brass. Its main purpose is to provide a flat surface for perfect process bonding. Directly screwed onto the tip of the boom, it also serves to absorb shocks and prevent the arrow from splitting.

Criteria for choosing a pool cue process

The methods generally consist of leathers or agglomerated skin. They can be single-layered or multi-layered (that is, several layers are assembled with glue). Note that multi-layer models are more expensive because they last much longer.

Otherwise, it is important to choose the method of a pool cue according to specific criteria: hardness and shape. Regarding the hardness, the processes are available in 3 ranges: the SOFT (soft) range, the ½ DUR (intermediate) range and the DUR (hard) range. Side form, exit the processes too flat! The perfect process should be of a slightly rounded shape for better contact with the beads. A tip: it is better to choose the hardness and shape of the process depending on the billiard variant to play. For example, SOFT processes are much more suitable for series games like carom billiard cues for sale

  1. Tips and practical information for a good billiard cue
  2. The process should not be worn ;
  • It must not go beyond the shell on which it is stuck;
  1. It must not exceed the width of the boom diameter;
  2. It must be slightly rounded;
    • Its surface must be smooth without protuberances;
    • If the process is new, it must not move billiard cues for sale

How to properly change a pool cue process?

Changing the process of a pool cue is a relatively simple task. No need for sophisticated equipment or in-depth knowledge to do it! Just a bit of precision and the following accessories: a cutter, good quality cyanoacrylate glue, a tip shaper and a new tip perfectly matching the type and diameter of the billiard cues for sale rod.

Start by removing the damaged process with the cutter taking care not to alter the ferrule

Sand and clean the ferrule correctly (with acetone or 90 ° alcohol)

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Place a dot of cyanoacrylate glue on the top of the arrow, making sure that the entire surface of the process and the entire face of the shell is perfectly covered with glue.

Position the process correctly on the ferrule coated with glue

Then press hard down to compress the tip against the arrow, being careful not to stick your fingers

Remove excess glue immediately before it dries

Finish by sharpening and polishing the process (cut with a cutter and polish with the tip shaper)

Allow to dry for at least an hour before using the pool rod.