Valuation Of Real Estate

Evaluation of real estate for the purpose of establishing market value is one of the most sought-after services in the valuation business, requiring knowledge of the market situation and the specifics of the facilities. It is necessary for any transactions, including buying, selling, leasing, division, inheritance and a number of other transactions. Often, in the above cases, when lending with the placement of an object as a pledge, involving it in any business projects and legal proceedings, as well as in determining the amount of damage to real estate, as a consequence of the occurrence of insured events, an independent property evaluation is required. Our company provides quality services for the evaluation of various types of property. In the list of our clients are individuals and legal organizations. Over the years of work in this service sector we have gained invaluable experience, thanks to which we are now performing:

  • Evaluation of all types of property;
  • Business planning of the organization;
  • Attraction of investments;
  • Professional consulting and marketing.

The list of services we provide includes evaluation of the organization’s property, valuation of business, equipment and machinery, intellectual property and securities, other types of valuation. We also develop business plans of the company and conduct market research of the market. We have been valuing the enterprise’s property for a long time. During our work many customers, organizations and companies became our clients.

What is included in the valuation of property?

This service is the most complete type of valuation, which includes the entire range of services for determining the value of the company’s assets: business, real estate, intangible assets, securities and vehicles and other available property. Modern valuation of property is one of the effective mechanisms of property management. Everyone who tries to realize the rights to their property faces a whole range of problems and issues, the main one of which is how to correctly assess the value of the property. If this is a problem for you, then for our company – daily work, interesting and useful.

When are the assets of the company analyzed?

The reasons for assessing the property of the firm may be several: to deliver the correct reporting, to participate in auctions and auctions, when the company is transferred to trust management. Forced valuation of property is carried out with seizure, redemption and confiscation of property, to resolve disputes between legal entities and individuals, in the event of property pledging. Recently, the valuation of assets is carried out even when concluding marriage contracts and when registering an inheritance.

Valuation of property:

Property – objects of the surrounding world, which have utility and are in someone’s property. As a legal concept, property is an aggregate of the legal relationships that are valued in monetary terms, in which the person is located.

The preservation of its property is one of the most urgent tasks for today.

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 Objects of property valuation:

The cost of property is affected by a variety of factors: the economic crisis, the constantly changing prices for personal property and real estate in the country, wear and many others.

The consulting group EXPERT will determine the value of your property as accurately and quickly as possible for the following purposes:

Market value :

The most probable cost of the object when it is sold on the open market;

The liquidation value is the estimated value reflecting the most probable price at which the given valuation object may be alienated for the period of exposure of the valuation object, less than the typical exposure period for market conditions, in conditions when the seller is forced to make a transaction for the alienation of property;

Cadastral value :

Is determined by the methods of mass valuation of the market value, established and approved in accordance with the legislation governing cadastral valuation. The cadastral value is determined by the appraiser, in particular, for tax purposes.

Investment value :

The cost, determined on the basis of the profitability of the object for specified investment purposes.

As a result of the appraisal of the EXPERT CG, we provide the Client with an Evaluation Report containing a detailed justification of the value of the appraised property and also that, according to Art. 12 of the Federal Law “On Appraisal Activities in the Russian Federation” the report is an official document.