Blinds To Personalize Your Interior Decoration – Houston Window Treatments

Style, window dimensions, brightness, pose, inspirations … How to choose a shade that best suits your interior decoration and meets all your constraints? The answers are in this folder.

The store is now a decorative element in itself. If in the past the choice was rather limited, today it deploys a multitude of formats and materials. It is therefore not easy to find yourself in the middle of this vast range. To choose the blind, some criteria must be respected, the first of which is the dimensions of the Houston window treatment that will receive it. Indeed, not all blinds fit all window sizes. Then comes the choice of the material, the color. All these references will define the spirit of your store.

Depending on the type of blind, the material or material will be different. The vertical blinds and the awning are more generally fabric as the roller blind. But these last two can also display a vegetable matter. The Venetian blind, it declines several materials: aluminum, wood, PVC, bamboo and even leather.

Which store for which atmosphere

Good alternative to the installation of curtains, the blinds make it possible to create a particular atmosphere or to support the style of a decoration. For a Zen decoration, the Japanese blind will naturally prevail. The Scandinavian trend is confirmed with a roller blind. The cozy atmosphere is assured with a boat blind. The industrial style is ensured by a Venetian blind in aluminum or color. Finally, for a decoration with exotic and warm accents, opt for a Venetian blind in wood.

Once the dimensions are taken, the style and material of the awning defines the pose. For this, no need to know about DIY. Thanks to the manufacturers who have simplified the mechanisms, the installation systems are simple so that the most novice Dyers know how to pose without difficulty.

Inspirations, shopping, demonstrations of poses in video, advices of realization … In this file, you will find all the advices to choose the model of store most adapted to your decoration of interior.

Install a roof Houston window treatment blind

The blind is not only reserved for traditional windows. No. There are models specifically designed for roof windows which, contrary to what one thinks, do not need to be a DIY ace to be placed. How to install a roof window blind? The technique in pictures.

The tools needed

  • 1 interior blind for roof window
  • 1 screwdriver
  • 1 meter
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 cuter

Before purchase, make sure the awning is perfectly matched to the dimensions and model of your roof window. Indeed, some blinds are designed only to fit the roof Houston window treatment of the brand.

1st step: Fix the coffer of the blind

Remove the protection from the self-adhesive side of the bracket. Place it 10 cm from the edge of the opening card and plate to glue. Screw the paw. Then place the other two. One on the other side, 10 cm from the edge, and the third at the center. Clip the chest of the blind on these three supports.

Step 2: Set the backstage

At the bottom of the opening frame, screw at each corner an anchor plate for the side slides.

Engage the top of the slides on the sides of the awning’s chest, taking care not to pinch the cloth then fold at the same time to clasp them. Screw the slides on the sides of the frame. Install the guide cord at the bottom of the slides, then cut the excess cord at the end.