In English we say “project management software” and today it is directly online, on the cloud of the web that we find them. As soon as you register, you then have a personal space to work on it and you can access it from anywhere in the world on any computer thanks to your access. Available for free or around $ 20 a month, these tools help us better manage our “To-Do” lists, eliminate paper from our days, collaborate with colleagues or customers, and even archive zoho sites Here is a selection of the most popular among the hundreds of existing choices.


A popular choice since 2004. Excellent tools for both a person and a very large team. A weak point is probably his schedule is not usual. Mobile application available.

Starting at $ 0 for students and professors. Easy to learn. We see that what concerns us, never the rest.


Used by 40,000 users including Dropbox, Virginia Tech, Uber. Works great on a large team.

Starting at $ 0 for the first 15 users. The calendar is great. People like the animated unicorn!


Under the visual appearance of tables presented in columns. Appreciated by Paypal, Google, Kickstarter, Adobe, The Verge. Mobile application available. Generous free version. All your project in the same column.

Starting from $ 0.

Zoho Projects

Used by Techcrunch, PC World, The New York Times. Integrations with Google Apps, Dropbox, Github. Has a time tracking. Mobile application available. From the same series as all other simple zoho sites software.

Starting at $ 0 for 1 project and 10 MB of space.


Used by 4,000 people, including PayPal and Nissan. It’s a collaboration tool for online documents via Google Drive, Dropbox, Box. Has a time tracking. Mobile application available.

Starting at $ 0 for up to 5 used and 2GB of space.


Used by 140,000 users including Google, Apple, Nike, AirBnB. Qualified as much best free solution very similar to basecamp besides being # 1 as a free solution and opne source in its category.

Starting from $ 0 for an unlimited account,zoho sites but with a limit of 20 MB of space.


A Quebec company that offers collaborative project management software … in addition to providing a space for tracking and creating invoices.

Starting from $ 0

Other untested

ActiveCollab, Copper Project, Huddle, Smartsheet, Project Manager, Producteev, Worksection, TeamworkPM, Proofhub, Podio, Mavenlink, Contribute, Atlassian JIRA, Timelyprojects

Source: My personal experiences as well as Capterra to complete the list.

Although all of them have a phone application, you will also find phone apps only (no web version) and you also have some applications already installed by default on your mobile device.

Good time management and tasks